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Spin flat video walls into your next big hit with ATEN’s 3-in-1 video splitter, media player, and video wall solution, the VS1912! Create your own traditional or asymmetric, multi-screen masterpieces with dynamic content on up to 12 displays.

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Easily develop content with media & widget tools

With the VS1912’s Advanced Video Features, you can add banners, flash media, widgets, and even layer videos and span objects across multiple screens. Designing creative video walls is simple!




Quickly import your profile settings across units

Along with a built-in 64GB mSATA SSD, 8 GB DDR3 memory, and 6 USB ports, the VS1912 allows you to quickly import your profile settings and schedules across units.

Conveniently set playback schedule weeks in advance

The VS1912 allows you to set playback schedules up to a month in advance. Say goodbye to daily media player management!

Flexibly build eye-catching video walls

The VS1912 supports not only landscape and portrait layouts but also asymmetric designs. Remix what you thought was possible!

Sales Inquiries


12-Port DP Video Wall Media Player